CRC Ecology

Case Studies

 CRC ecology has completed project works for a variety of clients including:

Natural England - S.S.S.I habitat management 

Environment Agency - River bank restoration and tree felling operations, reservoir wetland creation scheme

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust - Wetland restoration and ditch management,  access infrastructure, tree surgery and woodland management, stock fencing and gate access, large scale heathland restoration works.

Worcestershire County Council - School pond restoration, pond dipping platform and access trail, teaching area with bespoke oak benches and tables. 

Wyre Forest District Council - Access and wildlife Interpretation, heathland and wetland restoration works

Private - Reptile fencing and ecological implementation, Woodland management planning and grant application, European protected species surveys, phase 1 habitat surveys/ecological appraisal 

These are just some examples of the work carried out by CRC ecology. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.